Crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnel into the past

If you want to know what the war time was like, this can be the starting point. Located about 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh city, Cu Chi tunnel is a complex of tunnels and miniature underground city with many war relics.

The total lengths over 200km allow spaces for living and meeting of many Viet Cong soldiers in the old time. As you crawl through the tiny hallway and get a taste of yucca with salted seasame seeds, you will figure out why Vietnam won such a battle. The tunnel system is touted to be beyond human imagination, with brilliant architecture design that was suited for survival and military activities.

It might be your best bet to book a tour on Pham Ngu Lao street, which includes transportation and guides on site. Cu Chi can be considered a highlight for those who wish to learn more about the Vietnam war.

Travel Tips: 
* Book your tour in advance to make sure your travel realizes according to plan. The ideal group for visiting Cu Chi should not exceed 15-20.
* Bring plenty of water as the walk can be brisk
* Bring a notebook if you are interested in history. Cu Chi is one of the best place for learning-on-the field about Vietnam War.