Cheering over Bia-hoi on a Hanoi street corner

Sitting at a street corner in Hanoi old quarter with a beer glass, chatting with your freshly made friends while watching people pass by might be one the most memorable pages in your travel journal.    

It is said that the word “Bia-hoi” is third in importance only after “Xin chao” (Hello) and “Cam on” (Thank you) when one learns Vietnamese. In the severe heat, not many things can beat a glass of cooled draught beer.  

The good news is that draught beer is a popular refreshment drink in all over Vietnam. The bad news is that it is way too affordable that you may have to restrain yourself from going for a fourth glass (each glass costs you 20-30 cents!).  Ta Hien street is one of the hot spots for beer hoi. And because it is such an enticing gathering place, you will be likely to run into many tourists and local alike, ready to converse over the weather or some latest gossips in town.  

While taking your sip, mind the life evolving around you- of shops selling books and pirate dvds; ; of elderly strolling by in peace and of course different vehicles flowing freely. This seemingly chaotic picture can be both intriguing and entertaining, if you are sitting and watching over a beer glass.  

Travel Tips:  
* It is customary for Vietnamese to have beer with boiled or roasted peanuts. Try it and love it!
* There is likelihood that street vendors will corner you off to sell postcards, chewing gums and who-knows-what. A determined “no” will do the job if you don’t want to buy anything and get yourself into further trouble.
* Be aware of pickpockets whenever and wherever you are.