A Memorable Trek in Sapa

Nowhere in the world will you find a memorable walk like in Sapa. As you stroll around, you will be amazed by the extensive reach of terraced rice paddy field. The charming remoteness blended with colourful costumes of ethnic peoples will lead you from the crafts market to stilt houses. Along the way, music and local wine will add sound and taste to your trekking.

You can choose the type of trail according to your strength and preference. The rule of thumb is that easy trails are more packed with tourists while difficult trail will yield more authentic experience. You might need a guide if you choose the latter option.

Chances are that your guide will be a young local ethnic boy or girl who follows you around and keeps you awake with exciting stories about their lives. If you come to Vietnam, you cannot afford to miss this special experience.

Travel Tips:

* Charge your camera full because Sapa is one of the most photogenic spots in Vietnam. 
* Make yourself clear to street vendors to avoid unwanted following
* Ask for permissions before taking photo of ethnic minorities
* Do not step on the rice paddy field. No matter how beautiful, it is the income generator of the local people.

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