5 most popular Vietnamese vegetarian food

Even though Vietnamese food is renowned all over the world for being healthy and vegieful, it is hard to find a pure vegetarian option from time to time. Here are the top 5 food that can be found in either family meals, ”com binh dan” or high-end restaurants without scanning the country for vegetarian-only places. In fact, they are the hidden gems of Vietnamese cuisines that you are about to find out.

1.    Đậu sốt cà chua: (fried tofu in tomato paste). Look for the yellow tofu pocket with pieces of tomatoes and green onion. This dish is easy to make and gives a fresh taste of the soft tofu, blended in a slightly sour flavour of tomatoes. Best served with steamed rice.

2.    Rau muống xào tỏi: (water spinach fried with garlic). Many who discover this fare would regret not trying it sooner. A common dish in Vietnamese meals, rau muong xao toi can also be found in restaurants of various scales and rankings.

3.    Cải xào nấm: (bok choy fried with shitake mushrooms). Try this with rice and several pieces of fried tofu. The earthy flavour of shitake mushrooms is lightened up with the greenish of bok choy, most commonly fried in soy sauce or mushroom sauce.


4.    Bánh mỳ trứng: (baguette with omelette). It is the same idea of any Western breakfast with sandwich and egg but Vietnamese does it in a peculiarly awesome way. Baguette is stuffed with egg and pickled carrot and daikon, parsley and sometimes hot sauce on request. Good for anytime of the day, especially if you need to be on the run.


5.    Xôi: (sticky rice). Most xoi are vegetarian, unless you request to have chicken pieces on top. Coming in as many varieties as there are provinces in Vietnam, xoi is served at home, in a street vendor or even in royal restaurants. Read out section on xoi for more information.


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