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Football (or Soccer in North America) is the most popular sport in Vietnam and is being played by thousands of Vietnamese on a daily basis. An empty space and a kickable round item easily evokes the local excitement and leads to a football match.  
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Vietnam National Football Team is one of the most successful teams in South East Asia along with Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Winning the ASEAN Football Championship was the most remarkable achievement of Vietnam National Football Team. For professional player, the V-League is the top football league in Vietnam. Interestingly, it is allowed that each team can have five foreign players and can use three foreigners on the field each games. In fact, half of V-League foreign players are Brazilian.  

For amateur football lovers, in Vietnam there are various types of football fields. These fields can be divided by number players such as 7-7 field which is one third the size of 11-11 field; or by field’s surface materials such as cement, artificial grass or natural grass. In Hanoi, some popular football fields are Bach Khoa, Hoang Cau, Dinh Cong, Chu Van An, Long Bien and Phuc Xa. In Ho Chi Minh city, popular football fields include Phuong Nam, An Hoi, Binh An, Hai Son, Hong Ha, Quan Khu 7, Thong Nhat, Phu Tho and a great many other fields. The price ranges from 5$ - 30$ per hour depending on the field’s size and surface quality.  

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