ANZ Bank

Setting up its business in Vietnam since 1993, although a new comer, ANZ has expanded its network quickly, including branches, transaction offices and representative offices, concentrating on the two biggest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. After HSBC and Standard Chartered, ANZ was the third company which is wholly owned bank in the country. Like other foreign banks such as HSBC and Standard Chartered in Vietnam, those aim at high end market segments and simultaneously focus on private banking services; ANZ realizes the potential of the local market.

The fact that ANZ owns 10% capital share of Sacombank also convincingly proves the ambition of ANZ in digging deeply into Vietnam banking market. However, ANZ has its own strategy. With its objective of becoming the leading bank in the area, ANZ focuses on simplifying banking services, making the most sophisticated services become user-friendly and practicable. Specifically, ANZ Vietnam has paid great attention to retail clients and small and medium sized enterprises; therefore, services related to those customers are of great care.

Accordingly, in March, ANZ launched Signature Priority Banking services that target Vietnamese high-income clients. Those customers will be provided exclusive privileges and rewards that could save their time and money. Above all, ANZ would like to build up relationships between the bank and retail customers, exploiting fully the potential of the market segment.  

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