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About Sun World Fansipan Legend

Conquer the roof of the Indochinese Peninsula on one of the world's most modern cable systems and enjoy the feeling as you're flying over the clouds. Sun World Fansipan Legend tourism and culture complex brings you not only the most magical scenery but also the best experiences with high-quality recreational amenities and a superior range of accommodations.

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The distance from Sapa Town to Sun World Fansipan Legend is only approximately 5km to the southwest. A scenic ride on the cable car takes you to Fansipan peak, 3143m above sea level to capture a panoramic view of Sapa.

Best time to visit

In fact, you can visit Sun World Fansipan Legend at any time of the year but the most ideal time is during summer. The weather condition in summer on Fansipan Peak is more favorable, neither too hot nor too cold.

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How to get to Sun World Fansipan Legend

By bus

From Hanoi, there are a variety of buses running directly to Sapa Town such as Sapa Express, Sao Viet following the Hanoi-Lao Cai Highway with a total transfer time of 5-6 hours.

From nearby regions such as Thai Nguyen, Yen Bai, and Phu Tho, buses to Lao Cai Province and Sapa namely Ngoc Huong, Thanh Huyen are available at a cheap price.

By train

Depart from Hanoi Station in the evening; tourists will reach Lao Cai Station in the next morning. Then take a bus or a taxi to Sapa Town.

By car

Private transfer by car is the most convenient way which also takes you around 5-6 driving hours.

Upon arrival at Sapa Town, motorbike rental and taxi are always available to transfer you to Fansipan Legend. Thanks to the short distance and smooth roads, driving a motorbike by yourself is highly recommended.

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Things to do in Fansipan Legend

Fansipan Cable Car 

A 15-20 minute ride by Fansipan Cable Car allows tourists to admire the stunning, mighty view of Muong Hoa Valley and Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range dimming in the clouds.

Photo by @Thach San

Religious Complex

Arrive in Fansipan Station, tourists especially pilgrims can soak up the solemn, peaceful ambiance at several pagodas and spiritual sites of Sun World Fansipan Legend namely Thanh Van Dac Lo, Bich Van Thien Tu, Dai Hong Chung, Lau Chuong, and Lau Trong.


Visitors cannot miss a chance to set foot on top of Fansipan Mountain take beautiful photos with the flagpole on the highest point of the Indochinese Peninsula. This is absolutely a desirable experience.

Some Tips You May Want To Note Down

• Do not bring heavy items.

• Bring along warm clothes and some raincoats because the weather is very cold.

• Do not wear high heels. Shoes are essential.

• Prepare some snacks and water bottles. There are restaurants and foot stalls there but the price is relatively high.

Useful Information

  • Location: Sunworld Fansipan
  • Best for: Family, couple, solo
  • Entrance: 550,000 - 750,000 / Child - Adult
  • Hours: 8:30-16:00, Everyday
  • Distance to city center: 0.3km (0.2 mi)

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