Phu Le wine

Wine making is one of the 6 famous professions of Phu Le, with a history going back more than a century. Wine in Phu Le is well-known for its tastiness, pureness and consistent quality. Also, it is non-toxic and suitable to the taste of Vietnamese. Therefore, this type of wine is used widely in many special events such as weddings, rites and festivals, and has been given as a present by kings who wanted to praise their officers. It is also one the most famous alcohols of Vietnam, with Van Villages wine, Kim Long wine, Bau Da wine and Go Den wine being well-regarded brand names. Nowadays, Phu Le wines are produced on a larger scale by about 100 producers in Phu Le villages, with a production capacity of 5000 liter per day.

According to wine experts, the high quality of Phu Le wine depends on four main factors; the first is the yeast; the second is the water of the area. It can be said that Phu Le wine can only be made from the water under these villages, so that other regions even nearby simply cannot produce wine with the same quality. Another factor is the special variety of rice in Phu Le, which has a higher than usual gluten content. The last element is the special equipment that is used to make the wine. The combination of these four factors makes the wines of Phu Le the finest to be had in Vietnam.

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