To Hien Thanh District Map, Hue

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About To Hien Thanh district

To Hien Thanh Street is a two way street in the East of Hue City. This is also an ancient road in this city that has been established in the 19th century on the land of Trung Bo village. The road was formerly named La Marne by the French colonists and then Trung Bo road since 1945. In 1961, this road was finally named To Hien Thanh, but the local people still called Ma Ong Trang road (which means the Grave of the Scholar). Although To Hien Thanh is only a short and small road with the length of 350m, it still fascinates a considerable number of travelers visiting. That is because this is the places of some historical and religious attractions of Hue City. They consists of Dieu De Pagoda with magnificent scenery, Dieu Hy Pagoda where only female Buddhist priest are living, and Trung Bo Church for Christian.  

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