Le Quy Don District Map, Hue

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About Le Quy Don district

Le Quy Don Street is a two direction road that begins at Hung Vuong Street and runs to an end at Ba Trieu Street. The road was created in 1935 when King Bao Dai approved to establish Tu Do Stadium. From that time to the present, the road has been repaired and expanded many times to become a standard boulevard as today. The road was formerly name Phan Thanh Gian, but then the name Le Quy Don was applied in 1977 to remind people about one of the most brilliant scholars in the history of Vietnam. Being the road with an important position to the city makes Le Quy Don Street to have many attractions as well as public destinations on it. Some of them include Hue Supreme People’s Court, Hue City Library, Tu Do swimming pools or Tu Do Stadium and Viettinbank branch. 

Restaurants Near Le Quy Don

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