Le Loi District Map, Hue

Use our interactive map below to find a place of interest (sports venue, hospital, train station, airport, tourist attraction, etc) nearby Le Loi District.

About Le Loi district

Le Loi Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Hue that runs parallely with Perfume River. This is also a very long road that begins at Hue rail station and lasts to Dap Da Bridge. Therefore, it links Hue rail station with the other part of the city, and plays crucial role in transportation of the city. This convenient position also makes the street to have a considerable number of attractions and tourism destinations on, especially accommodation and entertainment places. It is truly easy for the tourists to find a good hotel on this street because there are various appropriate hotels and guesthouse along the street, with different service and price that can match any requirement of the travelers. Some of them are Bao Minh Hotel, Green House Thanh Thuy Hotel, Halo Guesthouse, and La Résidence Hotel and Spa. Le Loi Street is also the exciting place of many public destinations, attractions and entertainment destinations like Le Ba Dang Museum, Tu Tuong Park or Hue Center Hospital.

Restaurants Near Le Loi

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