Giai Phong street

One of the biggest roads in Hanoi

One of the biggest roads in Hanoi. A few major universities cluster here: Hanoi University of Technology (Bach Khoa), University of Civil Engineering (Xay Dung), National Economics University (Kinh te quoc dan). The national Bach Mai hospital is located on Giai Phong. You can also find Viet-Phap hospital, the first international hospital created in Hanoi. Both have high quality and good reputation. This road is always busy with traffic, especially big trucks because it links directly to a few national highways which take you out of Hanoi. Giap Bat bus terminal is on this road, too. One of the few interprovincial bus terminals, Giap Bat is always crowded, especially during national holidays such as the New Year (Tet), when people who live in Hanoi during the year go back to their families in the countryside.

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