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Boutique hotel is quite a new term to the tourism industry in Vietnam in general and Sapa in particular. However, there are a considerable amount of boutique hotels that is existed in Sapa, with different types and size. They were constructed in various locations around the town, but like other normal hotels, most of them are located in the center of the town where concentrates many tourism activities of the places, except an enormous one name Topas Eco Lodge in the nearby area of the town.

The same feature of these hotels in Sapa is that they are uniquely designed with special furniture and particular decoration to create a personalized and intimate atmosphere to the guests, and make them feel like they are right at their home. Also, traditional artworks and specialized objects are exhibited are almost every corner of the places to enhance the unique factor of the hotel. Nevertheless, a minus factor to those boutique hotels in Sapa is that their room’s design and furnishing is almost duplicated with others in the same hotel, so that the boutique element and individuality of the hotel is somehow impacted. Boutique Sapa Hotel, Topas Eco Lodge and Cha Pa Garden Hotel are truly boutique hotels that are preferable in Sapa.

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Auberge Dang Trung Hotel Sapa
1. Auberge Dang Trung Hotel Sapa

Location: Cau May Dist, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

$22 Avg/Night

1 Hotels
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