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Elegantly flowing through the traditional, grandeur imperial city of Hue is the well-known, so-called Perfume River (originally Huong River in Vietnamese). Besides the strikingly beautiful river stands the 105 meters Ngu Binh Mountain with a remarkable and symmetric figure; on both sides of the Even Mouth (Bang Son) are also two mountains called Ta Bat Son (Left Mount) and Huu Bat Son (Right Mount) naturally blending in a harmonious way to create a magnificent view which Hue has to offer.

Therefore, tourists coming to Hue usually prefer to stay at hotels that have their rooms overlooking the scenic natural landscape. Taking it as a major advantage, numerous hotels, ranging from resorts, luxury hotels to mid-range hotel choose to locate just next to the picturesque river bank. On the top of the list, La Residence Spa & Resort and Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa represent the internationally high quality resort in Hue. For luxury class, there’s the newly renovated Saigon Morin Hotel and Mercure Hue Gerbera and Lam Bao Long Hotel for the midrange-class hotel. All of those hotels stand on the famous Le Loi Street - just a few steps from the river bank.

12 Hotels
Imperial Hotel Hue
1. Imperial Hotel Hue

Location: 08 Hung Vuong Str, Hue, Vietnam

$87 Avg/Night

Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa Hue
2. Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa Hue

Location: 51 Le Loi Str, Hue, Vietnam

$58 Avg/Night

Century Riverside Hotel Hue
3. Century Riverside Hotel Hue

Location: 49 Le Loi Str, Hue, Vietnam

$68 Avg/Night

Saigon Morin Hotel Hue
4. Saigon Morin Hotel Hue

Location: 30 Le Loi Str, Hue, Vietnam

$85 Avg/Night

Green Hotel Hue
5. Green Hotel Hue

Location: 02 Le Loi Str, Hue, Vietnam

$56 Avg/Night

Vida Riverside Hotel Hue
6. Vida Riverside Hotel Hue

Location: 47 Nguyen Sinh Cung Str, Hue, Vietnam

$30 Avg/Night

Asia Hotel Hue
7. Asia Hotel Hue

Location: 17 Pham Ngu Lao Str, Hue, Vietnam

$48 Avg/Night

Orchid Hotel Hue
8. Orchid Hotel Hue

Location: 30 Chu Van An Str, Hue, Vietnam

$36 Avg/Night

Romance Hotel Hue
9. Romance Hotel Hue

Location: 16 Nguyen Thai Hoc Str, Hue, Vietnam

$42 Avg/Night

New Star Hotel Hue
10. New Star Hotel Hue

Location: 36 Chu Van An Str, Hue, Vietnam

$39 Avg/Night

12 Hotels
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