Tam Rice

Tam Rice

Originated from Dien Bien, Tám Rice is a famous speciality of MuongThanh Valley. No matter who you are or where you come from, in Dien Bien, you would be just as amazed by this wonderful dish as the local people and other travellers.

Tám Rice in Dien Bien has become well-known for a long time. Grown naturally, the rice typically has 4.5mm to 5mm long seed, each of which is as transparent as water and as fragrant as a flower.

When cooking, we have to pay great attention so that the rice is moderately soft. Thus, the rice would not get hard when it cools down, or break down when we have it with soup. Eating a well-cooked bowl of Tám Rice, you would not only satisfy yourself with the gentle taste of the rice but also conjure up in your mind the images of TayBac forests and mountains.

Found in most restaurants in Vietnam

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