Hoa Lu’s rare goat meat

 Hoa Lu’s rare goat meat

Thanks to topography with large part of the province is mountainous area, Ninh Binh is a wonderful place to grow goat and then also famous for dishes made with goat meat . In Ninh Binh, goat are raised on rock mountains instead of  hills like other provinces, therefore , goat meat here is much more firm , fresh and delicious.

Goat meat is a good food for our health because it is a kind of red meat but leaner and contains less cholesterol and fat than both lamb and beef.

There are various dishes made with goat meat such as stir-fried goat meat , steamed goat meat, grilled goat brisket, goat hotpot,  rare goat meat mixed with lemon . Each of them has its own unforgettable taste but among those dishes rare-goat meat in Hoa Lu is considered is the most delicious one. The process of cooking this dish is quite complex and requires experience. Because goat meat usually has strong and weird smell, therefore, makers must get rid of that smell before cooking. Goat meat is washed carefully and cut into thin slices, then marinated with holy basil leaves and duckweed leaves for about ten minutes. After that, goat meat is dipped in hot water until rare and then mixed with various spices and additives such as ginger, chilly, lemon juice, citronella and roasted sesame seeds.

Rare goat meat is often served with unripe bananas, carambola, fig leaves and soy sauce together with some slices of ginger and Lai Thanh rice wine ( a special kind of wine in Lai Thanhcommune, it is  distilled from sticky rice planted right on this land ). All ingredients and spices harmonize perfectly with each other creating wonderful flavor that  will bring diners an interesting feeling and engrave in their minds .

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