Best Time to Visit Vung Tau: When to Go & Monthly Weather Averages

Vung Tau Weather At A Glance

Vung Tau has become a popular weekend getaway for local inhabitants and tourists thanks to its prominent location near Ho Chi Minh City, slower pace of life and beautiful beaches. The coastal city offers an easy access within only a two-hour drive along the highway from Ho Chi Minh City. 

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Located in the tropical climate zone, Vung Tau’s weather is cool and temperate all year round which allows tourists to visit at any time of the year. Rainy season lasts from May to October while from November to April is the time for dry season. In addition, the average annual temperature ranges from 24 Celsius Degree to 28 Celsius Degree.

Regarding the suitable time for visiting, Vung Tau’s peak season usually falls into winter time lasting from November to January when Vung Tau beaches welcome biggest flows of leisure travellers coming to enjoy a pleasant average temperature and immerse in clear beaches. Moreover, festival lovers will also find this time worth visiting with a wide range of traditional and cultural activities organized. 

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By contrast, the city is hotter in three months January, February and March so it is a wise choice for visitors to enjoy a cold drink in a coffee shop for chilling out. Spring time from March to May, on the other hand, is considered the second busiest time for tourism. The temperature is warmer and warmer in later months with less heavy rains and moderate humidity making it a perfect time for sightseeing around Vung Tau City and doing outdoor activities. 

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The June to October period is considered a fairly low season due to unfavorable weather and frequent daily downpours making it hard to stay outdoors. Additionally, September is the wettest month with high precipitation that tourists should avoid.

Monthly Averages

View detailed guide to weather by month in Vung Tau

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