Kate Festival

Kate Festival, or also called Mbang Kate, is organized by the Cham people for 3 days at the beginning of October. This event is held in a large space in the three Champa Towers (Po Nagar, Po Klong Garai and Po Rome). The main purpose of the festivals is to commemorate their heroes like Po Klong Garai and Po Rome, and also deaths in the families. Moreover, the festival is a chance for the local people to relax, to meet and wish one another fortune in the future.   

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This is one of the biggest and most important events of the Cham people in Vietnam. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for the visitors to explore the beauty in the Cham culture, from architecture to costumes, instruments and traditional songs that are used to praise their kings in the past. The Kate festival in each tower starts at the same time on the same day, and the day after, villages and families begin to hold their own rites. During the rite, the people call their ancestors and gods with the help of a shaman, and then pray for health and prosperity. The actual festivals  take place after the rites. It is a combination of traditional music and dance, including some activities like performances of Ginang Drum and Saranai Flute or the traditional dance of Cham girls.

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