Siu Chau Candy

Siu Chau candy is another special food made from glutinous rice in Nam Dinh. It is crispy, tasty, sweet and so fragrant. The candy is simple from ingredients to recipe and doesn’t look half as good as it tastes, but don’t let appearances deceive you, Si Chau is delicious! This tasty candy requires the skillful experience of local makers and generations of tradition.

It’s made from popular ingredients in the area such as malt, sugar, glutinous rice flour and peanuts. It has to be cooked and cut into pieces in a very short time (about 10mins), so that it doesn’t solidify and become too difficult to cut. Siu Chau candy is stored inside a jar of glutinous rice to seal its taste, and blend the flavors of the rice with the flavor of the candy. Siu Chau is often eaten with tea to enhance the taste. It is the perfect present to bring home as a souvenir for your friend and relatives!

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