Ho Chi Minh Weather in September

September marks an end to the high domestic tourist season. While Hanoi is experiencing the mild autumn weather with warm sunshine and gentle wind, Ho Chi Minh City still experiences g hot and rainy days during September. Visiting the city this month, tourists will have a big chance to enjoy festive atmosphere of the National Independence Day and Mid Autumn Festival with the locals. 

• Average September temperature: 28 oC
• September high: 33 oC
• September low: 24 oC
• Relative humidity: 85%
• Expected number of wet days: 21

  August September October
Average high 33 C degree 33 C degree 33 C degree
Average low 24 C degree 24 C deree 23 C degree
Humidity 84% 85% 85%
Precipitation 275 mm 325 mm 225 mm
Rainy days 12 days 14 days 12 days

September has very similar temperatures (between 24 and 33 degree Celsius) to that of the months before and after. However, high humidity of 85% (the highest humidity level of the year) and large amount of rainfall with precipitation of 325mm and expected rainy days of 14 (the year’s second highest rainfall amount) make September’s weather more unpleasant than many other months’. Combination of the moist atmosphere following the downpour and typical tropical heat creates a kind of oppressive atmosphere, which may annoy tourists, especially who come from cool and dry climate regions like Tasmania (Australia), New Zealand, or Canada.

Traveling to the southern metropolis of Vietnam at the beginning of September, tourists can enjoy many cultural- arts programs as well as spectacular firework display which are held to celebrate the National Independence Day September 2nd. Besides, the Mid Autumn Festival which is mostly for children and celebrated on the full moon of the lunar august often takes place on September too. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City on this occasion, tourists will have chance to take part in joyful lantern procession, watch exciting lion dancing, taste the moon cake, and enjoy the fun with the locals.

September may not a good time to visit Ho Chi Minh City due to hot humid weather. However, if you travel in a family with kids, it is great time for your beloved children to enjoy the traditional Vietnamese Children’s Festival.

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