Vincom Center Landmark 81


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The Landmark 81, invested by Vingroup, is one of 18 classy towers belonging to the urban complex of Vinhomes Central Park Ho Chi Minh City. Possessing an outstanding height corresponding to the number "81" in the name, Landmark 81 is the tallest building in Vietnam and also one of the 20 tallest buildings in the world.

Address Vinhomes Central Park, 208 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.


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From the B1 to the 3rd floor, Vincom Center shopping area is the gathering place of more than 100 famous fashion, watch, cosmetics, food and entertainment brands in the world. If you come here to shop, remember bring a thick wallet, a card with lots of money because this is the shopping paradise with the appearance of countless fashion brands - accessories like Versace Jeans, Cole Hann, Nike and Aldo, to name a few

On top of that, the Adidas store here is the biggest Adidas showroom in Vietnam.


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The dining campus is up to 700m2, bringing together 30 restaurants from around the world. You don't need to go to China to dine at Peach Garden, or travel to Japan to experience Dozo sushi, and just a walk in a park to the famous Bornga's Korean culinary paradise... is all what makes Vincom Landmark 81 a perfect dining destination for domestic as well as international tourists.

Other amenities

CGV IMAX cinema: owning the biggest IMAX screen in all CGV cinema lines as well as other cinema brands in Vietnam, gives customers a full experience of the new digital world.

TiNi World: playground area and learning activities for children.

Ice rink: Landmark 81 ice rink, the biggest ice rink in Vietnam, located on the B1 floor, designed in accordance with international standards and can be used to organize major national and international figure skating competitions. Ticket price: 150,000 - 220,000 VND.

Infinity pool: Located on the 4th floor of Landmark 81, the pool is a utility exclusively for Landmark 81 residents and guests staying at Vinpearl Luxury. Different from other swimming pools in Ho Chi Minh City, water at Landmark 81 is cleaned with salt instead of chemicals, ensuring absolute safety for the swimmer's skin.

Skyview Landmark 81: occupies the 3 highest floors of the building (floors 79 - 81), is the tallest & largest observatory in Vietnam today. The entire observatory is surrounded by a transparent glass system, allowing visitors to cover the entire Ho Chi Minh city from above. In addition, the sky view observatory also has its own dining area, cafe, thrilling games.

Currently, the ticket price to enter skyview is 810,000 VND / time for adults and 405,000 VND / time for children.

Vinpearl Luxury hotel: located on 47 – 77 floors, including 233 hotel rooms with 5-star standard, serving the short-term accommodation needs of the "rich" people coming to Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, Vinpearl Luxury is the most luxurious brand among the Vinpearl hotel system of Vingroup (Vinpearl Luxury - Vinpearl Hotel & Resort - Vinpearl Discovery). At Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81, customers will experience classy facilities such as 5-star standard outdoor swimming pool, Far East Lounge, Oriental Pearl restaurant, “upper class” Pearl Club.

Sky Villa: is the most luxurious & expensive apartment type in Vinhomes Central Park, for tourists with high income who want to invest in real estate or own an expensive apartment for themselves.

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