Hai Phong weather

Like many other Northern provicnes, Hai Phong's weather is affected by tropical monsoons. The cold and dry north-east monsoon season is from November to April. The cool and fresh south-eastern monsoon causes a lot of rain during the summer month from May to October. The annual average temperature varies between 23ºC and 24ºC. The best time to visit Hai Phong is from November to March.

Having an ideal weather and a plethora of beautiful sights, Hai Phong is wonderful place to discover. Visitors will enjoy visiting Elephant Mountain, Trang Kenh Landscape, or the famous beach Do Son and Cat Ba Island. Besides these natural wonders, Hai Phong has many other historical places like Du Hang pagoda, Nghe Temple. If you are lucky, do not forget to catch the Bull-fighting festival, or at least, try some of Hai Phong cuisine such as nem cua bể or bánh đa chả cá.

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