Quan Thanh King Rite

This is the traditional rite that is held at the Quan Thanh King Temple on 26 June annually (lunar calendar) by the Chinese community in Can Tho. The main purpose of this rite is to worship Guan Yu, a hero in Chinese mythology, and pray to Guan Yu for more fortune and success in the future. The rite is organized simply, and often starts at 9 in the morning. During the main rite, the leader of the rite reads the ritual oration in Chinese to call upon the Gods and make their wish. Afterwards, the worship plate is placed at the center of the temple, and the participants kowtow the statues of Guan Yu and other Gods on the altar. Then they go back to work: cleaning up the premises, cooking in the kitchen or making drinks. All of the preparation is to welcome guests who come to the temple and pray to the Quan Thanh King. Guests who visit the temple are usually either Chinese or Vietnamese from the local area, or also from nearby regions in Can Tho. Not only does this rite show a beautiful element in the culture of the Chinese community in Can Thom but it also strengthens the solidarity between the Chinese in the South of Vietnam.

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