Halong Bay- A tourism treasure

About Halong Bay tourism values and natural heritage.

Famous for unique natural scene, but sight-seeing is not the only thing tourists can expect from a trip to Ha Long Bay. Just come here, let your heart open and your soul free, this land will surely satisfy your expectation.


Ha Long Bay, a must-come beauty spot for any tourists in the world when they come to Viet Nam to explore the hidden beauties in this S-shaped country. For a long time, this world heritage site has been renowned globally thanks to the harmonious combinationamong various shapedlimestone islands, immense water and sky.This creates a unique and fantastic painting of the nature, and captures attention of numerous tourists all over the world. If you have spent time visiting Phang Nga bay, a famous landscape of Thailand, and were fascinated by the synthesis between the sheer limestone cliff and the emerald green water, you might be even much more impressed when coming to Ha Long. Your vision will be widened by the imposing framework of nature with numerous grottos containing magnificent stalactites which offer a plenty of surprises and unforgettable memories.

Halong Tour

A boat or cruise tour to Halong is essential to your trip to Vietnam

Cultural tourism

Not only giving tourists a golden chance to appreciate natural beauty, Ha Long attracts travelers to come and explore cultural values through its daily life of indigenous community as well. In recent years, homestay or paying a visit to fishing villages in the bay have been more and more preferred by tourists, especially the foreign ones. Typically, Cua Van or Vong Vieng have become popular destinations in Ha Long homestay tours offered by a number of travel agencies.

  Vong vieng fishing village  

Vong Vieng Fishing Village has made a great impression on many tourists

It can be said that smiles of cheerful and friendly native people in these villages bring the first and good impression to visitor. One can get an insight into the locals’ daily life by learning how to cast and haul the fish net, take out the fish just like a real fisherman. Moreover, joining other interesting events such as “Vong Vieng night” surely helps tourists understand more about the native culture. Also, it is so peaceful and relaxing when sitting on a coracle and listening to affectionate folklore melodies, or fishing and catching cuttlefish in the night.

Spiritual tourism

Ha Long (Descending Dragon) is the nameconnected closely to the legendwhich have been around for a long time and create a sacred atmosphere for the land. Moreover, this land has been well-known as the place of birth of Truc Lam Zen, a unique Vietnamese Buddhism type which was created by the King Tran Nhan Tong in 13th century. Many people visit Ha Long notonly to appreciate the bay’s marvelous beauty, but also to seek soul purification and peace of mind.

    Yen Tu Pagoda    

Yen Tu - One of the most important religious landmarks in Northern Vietnam

Yen Tu, a harmony of imposing mountains and ancient religious architect, stick to Truc Lam Zen is another famous spiritual attraction of Ha Long. This place is most crowded in spring, the time for pilgrimages to pagodas in Vietnam, as well as the time of annual Yen Tu festival, which takes place from lunar 10th January to the end of March. A trip to pagodas at the beginning of the year for good luck, and enjoyment of beautiful nature and mild climate in spring plays an important part of Vietnamese culture. It would be so great if foreign tourists can visit Yen Tu this time and enjoy festivity with the locals.

There is a belief that if one can go up to Dong pagoda at the top of Yen Tu Mountain; his/her wishes will be granted. As a result, if having a chance to visit Ha Long, one should try conquering the mountain and see whether your wishes would come true or not.


Halong - When and Where to visit

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