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H: 30°C L: 22°C
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The biggest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc is the ultimate destination for those who are inclined to a sweetly indulgent summer by the beach. Not only is it endowed with picturesque coasts and various sea creatures, Phu Quoc has other cultural and natural heritages that captivate the hearts of tourists who are looking for a wider variety of landscapes. Moreover, the potential second Singapore, Phu Quoc has a thriving local economy and pleasing tourist services that ensure a more flexible and comfortable stay.

Beach wise, Phu Quoc offers a long list of beach destinations that cater to the needs of tourists with widely ranged preferences. Beside the typical beaches where the waves gently lap and hug the shores, there are ones where the currents are so mild they are barely felt; and the ocean, thus, becomes a giant bathtub where one can dip in the water and relax without disturbances. On the other hand, there are also beaches where the sunset glow is so glorious it becomes the highlight of the island. As such, the queen island stands by its well-established renown as one of the best vacation destination for fun lovers.

Above all, being a region thriving on tourism, the locals are friendly and receptive of newcomers. They are known for their heart-warming hospitability and professional attitudes, which will put you in awe; for, here, a five-year-old can play ‘pirate’ and be gentleman at the same time.

How to get there?

By plane:

For travelers from Can Tho City, Ho Chi Minh City, Rach Gia and Hanoi, direct flights are available daily with the latter case being restricted to one flight per day. The flight duration is between one to three hours, depending on the weather.

By bus/ car drive:

Tourists can opt for a more economical option whereby they can take direct bus service from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho City and so on and so forth to Rach Gia and Hà Tiên Province, from where they can take the Superdong high-speed train to reach the island. More often than not, people spend a night at Rach Gia as an extra treat on the journey to Phu Quoc Island and depart the day after. This type of travelling, though more flexible, is more time-consuming and exhausting, which is why eager tourists should choose to travel by plane.

By ferry:

From Hà Tiên Province, one can come to Phu Quoc on ferry. There are four trips per day and each takes up to one hour.

Best time to visit

In Phu Quoc, the dry season spans from May to October, during which it is most suitable for a trip to this beautiful island. During this time of the year, the ocean is most clear and placid and the wet weather would not be an issue. However, as this is summertime, there might be crowd issues; for people flock to this famous holiday destination every year in thousands. If you feel comfortable making new friends, dining in a boisterous atmosphere and being in the middle of many tourists at all attractions, that should not be a problem.

Interestingly enough, the specific geographic making of the island enables it to offer good service year round. That is, though the time between June and September may be rainy, it will only rain on one side of the island, alternately at the West or East Coast. As such, one half of the island is always eligible for exploration and leisure, especially the Southeastern area. Moreover, the rainy season should not be the bother; for though while the beaches are nearly inaccessible and stormy, the rain forests and streams are most beautiful after showers. However, it may rain cats and dogs frequently and travelling becomes a challenge. For this reason, short stays are preferred during this time in the year and if your are more of an outdoor person than one who can make do with watching the rains through the window of a coffee shop, restaurants or hotel, Phu Quoc is not a recommendation.

Luckily enough, the seafood is scarcely affected by the weather conditions. For this reason, though the hot weather or the showers may bother you, a cozy dinner in a common food stall or refined restaurant is always available.