Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Also known as the Full Moon Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the fifteen day of the eighth lunar month

What reminds you of your childhood the most, a Halloween adventure, a thanksgiving day or a Christmas evening? Vietnam is entering an the most exciting annual festival, when not only the children can fully enjoy their best time in a year but adults have the feeling of growing young again.

Also known as the Full Moon Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the fifteen day of the eighth lunar month. Every Vietnamese is longing for the day that the Moon is the largest and brightest, when they feel like they are not only a practical creature but a romantic one and a beauty part of the whole universe. Do you want to settle down to a party on a grassplot with children, admiring the Moon and singing Autumn-related songs with them? If you are planning to welcome the festival in Hanoi, the grassplot where you sit on would contain a lot of white flowers that lose off from milk flower trees above your head. The smell is so sweet that you may feel like you are drinking the most fabulous wind-milk of the world.

However, if you are not a singing follower, then you can contemplate the most oriental feature, dragon dancing. It is the most fantastic in the countryside, where the Moon seems bigger, the wind blows gentler and the children laugh wildly in the pleasant whether. Dragon dancers often dance to every household in their village, it is like “treat or trick” in western culture, the dragon dancers will not quit until you give them some lucky money.

Photo : laodong.vn

The official day of the festival is 15th August, however, people celebrate from 14th August, especially for the children, they are excited to prepare for the mid-autumn weeks and even a month before it really takes place. Coming to the countryside right now, you can find yourself lost in the nights filled with joy and happiness, laughters of children far-resounding on the village streets. They are rehearsing for singing and dancing competitions that will be hold during the festival.

This is also the best time in a year for fruit fans. You may taste pomelos some times before in your country but you can never imagine how special it is in a tropical country in the best autumn night. One of the most famous delicacies of Vietnam, green rice flakes (com) are also believed to be the yummiest in this time of the year.

Come and enjoy the mid-Autumn Festival to experience a full Vietnam. In 2018 it will fall on September 23rd (learn more about how it is celebrated). You may smile and think “Those were the days’ and your childhood comes back to you sweetly.

Watch Vietnam Online Video on Moon Festival 2011

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