Maternity Leave

The procedure for women to leave for maternity in Vietnam is very simple. Before leaving, female employee is required to fill the application for maternity leave and then submit the paper to the head of her department 15 days before the expected day for giving birth. After giving birth, if the woman wants to receive the subsidies in her social insurance package, she has to submit other paper to the company within 30 days from the giving birth day, including hospital discharging paper, birth certificate of the newborn baby and a completed application to receive maternal subsidies.

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Subsidies can differ from company to company, but it often equals the salary of the two months before leaving for birth. In addition, the leaving time for maternity also varies, depending on special circumstances. For example, women who work in an office working environment are allowed to leave for 4 months from the time of giving birth, while the leaving time for women who work in dangerous and toxic environment or 3 shifts per day is 5 months.

Moreover, if the woman gives birth for more than one infant, she is permitted to be absent for 30 more days with each additional kid. Female employee can also choose to return to work within the allowed leaving time but only if she has left for 60 days and had the permission of the hospital to go to work. During the leaving time, the woman still receives full payment for her salary, but in case that she wants to be absent for longer, she can negotiate with the firm for additional leaving days without any payment.        

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