Thung Nai - Drifting on in Thung Nai

    Thung Nai more commonly refers to the reservoir of the Hoa Binh dam and the surrounding settlement. The industry is still in its primitive stage here, and only a handful of accommodation is available, making for a rather authentic experience for people who want to stay overnight and explore the local culture. The place boasts beautiful sights of endless tropical jungle dotted with few human activities, exotic food and the ever presence of a strong religious history.

 decides to embark on a journey to discover a "Ha Long on the mountains", and brings you an experience as genuine as it can ever get in Thung Nai.
    Producer: Nam Nguyen
    Host: Nam Nguyen
    Cinematographer: Do Phung
    Made by VNO Team, December, 2011.


Thung Nai is small town in the province of Hoa Binh, which has only recently caught on with tourism.
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