Taste of Vietnam Street Food

    Vietnamese are very much known for their culture of dining on the street. Perhaps in no other setting one can truly appreciate the fine diversity of Vietnamese culinary more than the sidewalk restaurants, which offer unmatched varieties not confined to any particular region. Tantalize your taste buds with a slice of the gastronomy pie that is uniquely Vietnam.

    Producer/ Director: Nam Nguyen
    Host: Bich Nguyen, Hieu Le
    Cinematographer: Do Phung, Huan Hoang

    Music: Hanoi by Nguyen Vinh Tien

    Made by VNO Team, September, 2011.


Street food, when you come to Vietnam, you just have to try it! Explore the taste of Hanoi street food during a dining tour around the city with Bich Nguyen and Hieu Le.
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