Pho and Vietnamese Food Culture

    Pho- the one that possibly will be the very first Vietnamese word that has seen internationalization. While the food is gaining a foodhold on the appetite of many, simple "Vietnamese noodle" does not apply no more. It is now a unique delicacy that can only be described wholesomely in its original context. People talk about it and rave about its unique taste. They wonder about the best recipes. Some will travel to Vietnam for the first thing to do is to have a bowl of the local Pho, one that bears the authentic mark of its maker. Some will not go without a bowl once every week.

    Together with Vietnamonline, let's explore the Pho that has transformed more than one society!

    Producer/ Director: Nam Nguyen
    Host: Nam Nguyen
    Cinematographer: Dao Le, Nam Nguyen

    Music: Mua Thu Trang by Tran Tien, performed by Tran Thu Ha

    Made by VNO Team, July, 2011.


Pho as the soul food of Vietnam is now brought worldwide in numerous Asian communities and towns. Take a look at how Vietnamese really enjoy Pho, in the setting of Hanoi, where Pho was claimed to be born.
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