Mopeds in Vietnam

    Other than Pho, perhaps Vietnam is most known for its dizzying moped-gone-wild traffic that orderly Westerners find out of control.  Yet in all that craziness things manage to flow by, so much that this motorcycle world has been intriguingly dubbed “the organized chaos”. Dive into one, Nam Nguyen takes you in for a ride that you shall never forget.

    Producer/ Director: Nam Nguyen
    Host: Nam Nguyen
    Cinematographer: Do Phung, Huan Hoang

    Bao Dem by MicroWave
    Tam Hon Cua Da by Buc Tuong

    Made by VNO Team, September, 2011.


In this video, our energetic host Nam Nguyen will introduce you to every bits and bites of riding a moped in Hanoi. Enjoy watching!
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