Hanoi Westlake and Lotus Ponds

    This video was made from early July 2011 about the new attraction for Hanoi's youths : who knows several lotus ponds can attract so many people? If you dare venture outside of the beaten path and experience what the local life is like from early morning to late at night, visit the famous lotus ponds in the summer time.

    The place is gaining more and more popularity as days pass, but still remain an almost exclusive realm of the locals. There has hardly been any sight of a foreigner although it is only few minutes drive from Xuan Dieu street - the expat quarter of Hanoi.

    Producer/ Director: Nam Nguyen
    Host: Nam Nguyen
    Cinematographer: Dao Le, Nam Nguyen

    Made by VNO Team, July, 2011.


Lotus ponds in West Lake area is popular among Hanoi's youngsters as a photo spot in summer days.
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