Huge Discount Spend For VicSapa Train

Standing out as a charming and budget-friendly option for travelers from Hanoi to Sapa, the VicSapa Express Train is a great choice.

Huge Discount Spend For VicSapa Train Vicsapa Express Train (Image: Hanoi To Sapa Train)

Vicsapa Express Train includes 3 types of cabin: VIP 1 berth cabin with King-sized bed, VIP 2 berth cabin with 2 twin beds, and luxury 4 berth cabin with 4 single beds. The sleeper cabins and the strictly adhered cleanliness standard ensure a comfortable space for all passengers to rest during the journey. The restaurant provides a variety of options available, allowing passengers to savor local flavors. 

Vicsapa offers a huge discount for passengers booking from now until the end of 2024: 

  • Enjoy savings of up to 30% for early bookings

  • The ticket can be held for 3 months

  • Support booking and online payment thanks to E-ticket

Contact us via if you have any questions. 

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