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From a high-schooler's dream to make her charming motherland better known to the world, VietnamOnline was born from her own hands-on experience after days of meandering through Vietnam and the globe with her freshly made backpacker friends. 

Launched in 1997, the website is among the oldest, and yet most frequently updated, about Vietnam travel and contains the most massive guide to major tourist destinations in Vietnam.

In the ever-changing world since 2020 when borders were closed and information becomes more scattered, Vietnam Online realizes its increasingly important role in provide up-to date-guide to Vietnam travel in this brand new decade.

We aim at acting as the largest resource for travelers finding information about Vietnam and offering the most comprehensive travel service where you can consult different ways to make ticket and hotel reservation, book holiday packages or even seek local advice on investment.

In every second, we know that somewhere in the world, there are many people who has yet to know about what Vietnam has to offer, and just as many, who are considering a trip to Vietnam without knowing where to start. It is our ultimate dream to inspire you with a Vietnam trip.

What we do

With Passion, Experience and Aspiration as platform, VietnamOnline team will provide:

1 - Detailed and frequently updated travel guides to various Vietnam’s destination; with peer-reviews for restaurants and accommodation facilities.

2 - Insight and valuable advice about Vietnam to make you a responsible and informed traveler

3 - User-friendly website functions to help you prepare for your trip such as planning your arrival, calculating your budget; finding currency exchange update, learning upcoming events or checking on how to get from one place to another.

Our team

Our team comes from a broad spectrum: experienced travelers, informed editors, creative photographer, local consultants. 

At point of contacting, you will be in direct touch with one of us in the face lists below. Let us send you our warmest welcomes, and let us be a part of your dream holiday!

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Please email us for any inquiries: info@vietnamonline.com

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