Yet Kieu Street

Yet Kieu Street is 468 meters long, from Tran Hung Dao Street to Nguyen Thuong Hien Street

Yet Kieu Street is 468 meters long, from Tran Hung Dao Street to Nguyen Thuong Hien Street. During French colonial times, it was named Rue Bovet. After 1945, the street was named after Yet Kieu. The street runs through National Institute of Labor Protection, University of Fine Arts, Capital Labor Newspaper and Cultural Friendship Palace – a massive culture center hosting frequent events.

Yet Kieu Street is considered the street of artists. Every morning, passing through this street, you can see artists garther at ice-tea booths outside Hanoi University of Fine Arts. Contrary to the artistic romance outside the university are modern wi-fi cafes. VietArt Café at No 42 is an ideal place for people who love painting. Customers are excited by the ideal of enjoying cups of milk coffee, feeling immersed in the artistic atmosphere of paintings and jazz melody. The café also serves free wi-fi.

The other end of the street – at the junction with Nguyen Thuong Hien Street, where Do Hanh market is located, has a beauty of contemporary lifestyle. Contributing to the busy appearance here is the chicken noodle restaurant at No 98. The sweetness of the broth, the softness of chicken meat makes customers feel warm, especially in the coldness of winter.

In the ordinary and simple space, there are two famous wedding shops in Hanoi – David Minh Duc and Thu Huong. David Minh Duc shop is featured in an open space of a French villa. Across the road is Thu Huong shop looming under ancient trees.
The contrary features and spaces create the beauty and depth of the street.

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