Xuan Thuy Street

The street was named after the diplomat – polictician of Vietnam

The street was named after the diplomat – polictician of Vietnam. Xuan Thuy Street is 1.5 km long, starting from the Cau Giay-Nguyen Phong Sac crossroad to the intersections of Pham Van Dong, Pham Hung and Ho Tung Mau Streets.

Xuan Thuy Street passes through Vong village – an ancient village which is famous for making Green rice (Com).  Vong Village includes four hamlets: Vong Tien,Vong Hau,Vong So,Vong Trung but only two hamlets - Vong Hau and Vong So make delicious Cốm. Cốm is what the essence of heaven and earth are clustered, and become a cultural symbol of the land with thousands years of civilization. During its season, Cốm can be seen along the street. You can easily recognize the peddlers with two light bamboo baskets with lotus leaves and a small bundle of paddy stems.

With the development of market economy and urbanization, Vong village was gradually narrowed, giving way to high-rise buildings. After a few years, Xuan Thuy Street now has a modern appearance. Contrary to the noisy atmosphere in the street, Thanh Chua temple is a pretty quiet place. It is a Buddhist and Imperial concubine Y Lan temple with 77 Terracotta and Wood statues dating the 17th century. On the last days of the first lunar month, Hanoians and tourists travel Thanh Chua festival and enjoy many activities such as cheo do singing (row ferry-boat), lotus dance, and phoenix dance.

Xuan Thuy Street is not only famous for Thanh Chua pagoda, but also for Student Market. It's mostly for young Vietnamese. The market, as well as the food stalls surrounding it is open quite late. The market sells very cheap clothing and accessories which are tailored for student budget.

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