Xuan Dieu Street

Xuan Dieu Street is the street from Thang Long Bridge to Hanoi center.

Xuan Dieu Street is the street from Thang Long Bridge to Hanoi center. It is about one kilometer long. It links Au Co-Nghi Tam T-junction with Quang An-Au Co T-juntion. Together with Au Co Street, Xuan Dieu Street is a life-line of the northwest gateway of Hanoi capital.

For a very long time, in Hanoians’ minds, this has been the street to Quang Ba swimming pool with two fresh and green rows of guava on the two roadsides. In 1996, it was officially named Xuan Dieu Street and became one of the main streets of Tay Ho District.

Xuan Dieu Street is well-known to foreign visitors as the street to Phu Tay Ho, high-grade resorts, big hotels near the poetic West Lake.
This street is not very wide; about only 4 meters wide however it is very crowded and busy. On one roadside is the West Lake, on the other roadside, restaurants, villas, hotels are in close proximity to one another.

As said before, previously, on this street, there were rows of guava on two roadsides. The aroma of guava on this street was recorded on the poem “Here comes autumn” of Xuan Dieu – a famous poet of Vietnam. Now, there are not many guava trees any more. Only in guava season, sometimes country girls sell guavas on roadsides.

Walking along Xuan Dieu Street, visitors can enjoy fresh natural wind from the West Lake blowing in and feel the pleasant smell of guava and pluchea leaves.

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