Vong Thi Street

Vong Thi Street is a street that goes around the West Lake

Vong Thi Street is a street that goes around the West Lake. It is 1.420 meters long and starts from Lac Long Quan street with about 500 meters from Vong Thi village to its temple, then the street goes around the West Lake to the one-time famous Buoi high school (now Chu Van An high school).  The stone jetty system and the embellishment of streets around West Lake project made Vong Thi Street the most beautiful walking street around West Lake of Hanoi capital. Along this street are small parks where there are park benches for people to have a rest, to watch the beautiful scenery of West Lake and to enjoy fresh natural wind.

The old Vong Thi fishing village has had a drastic change to become a modern village. Many villas have been continuously built, which indicates higher standard living of villager. Near the lake, at No. 111, Vong Thi Street is the 229 Medical Treatment Area of Capital Military with hundred of rooms with a view of the lake. The seven-storey South Pacific building also contributes to make the street more luxurious. Beside modern features, we still can find peaceful and quiet spaces at Vong Thi Pagoda, Vong Thi temple and Tinh Tam Pagoda.

It is such a big shortcoming if we do not mention Tay Ho shellfish specialty when talking about Vong Thi Street. Along this street, there are number of shellfish restaurants of all size from small restaurant to big and famous one. These shops are most crowded at sunset when many young students gather together to enjoy shellfish and chat with one another. Shellfish are cooked in many ways: boiled, fried with red pepper, steamed with lemon leaves… but the price is very reasonable.

To many young people, Vong Thi Street is considered the seaside in Hanoi center because in the evening, standing at one lakeshore you can not see the other lakeshore – just like you are standing on the seaside.

Vong Thi Street will soon become one of the most beautiful tourist streets of West Lake tourist community.

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