Truc Bach Street

Truc Bach is one of the most beautiful lakes in Hanoi

Truc Bach is one of the most beautiful lakes in Hanoi, which belongs to Ba Dinh district. In the French domination, Truc Bach Street included two rues: Hai Ba Trung Rue and Voie 95 - 96 Rue. Truc Bach Lake was born in 12th century when Yen Quang and Yen Hoa village’s habitants banked up a dyke along West Lake’s eastern south direction to raise fish. In 18th century, Trinh Giang Lord built a resting palace next to the lake, after that one weaving silk commune named Truc village appeared, since then the lake was called Truc Bach. Truc Bach Street stands on the lakeshore; the right side is entirely the lake, which brings amazing view and windy atmosphere alongside the street. It is paved flat bricks along the left side, sometimes there are small flower groves, planting rose, chrysanthemum and green grass. Along the lakeshore, there are smoothly willow lines and some special bamboo trees shaking with the wind, which is so romantic and magnificent for couples to exchange confidence or for friends to chat. Truc Bach Street is famous for its specialties from the lake itself: shrimp cake, shellfish soup, grilled fish. We can find those special dishes from well – known restaurants like Lau Duy, Lau Thai, Lau Bong, Loc Nhi, Thuy Binh, Si Phu, Ngan Beo, SaBu, etc along the street. Another pleasant activity visitors can find here is to go boating to explore the lake, visit Ngu Xa village, Quan Thanh temple, Than Quang pagoda, Tran Quoc pagoda, etc. In conclusion, Truc Bach is a quiet, peaceful and cultural street of Hanoi, which makes people remind whenever leaving the capital.

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