Tran Xuan Soan Street Map

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About Tran Xuan Soan Street

Tran Xuan Soan Street is a modern road, buit up in the period the French colony occupied Hanoi. It is named after a Vietnamese general living under Nguyen dynasty (1849-1923). He and Ton That Thuyet, another famous general of Ham Nghi King, led the Can Vuong movement in the 20th century to fight against the French colonist, although the movement was a failure but had showed up the burning patriotism of Vietnamese people and caused . The road is 450m long, running across the two big other roads Hue and Lo Duc street. On the street, there is a famous oyster porridge beanary at No 26 crowded all night, a dessert serving place for Hanoian youths as well as foreigners to stop by. The greasiness of stir-fried oyster blends harmoniously with the lusciousness of the porridge made from its boiling water and fried onion, pepper, Quay, attracting not only Hanoian but also any foreigners ever coming there once. The Duc Vien Buddhist Pagoda at No 04 is also a holy and undisturbed place for Hanoian to come and pray each fête-day. Get there by bus No 30 or 25.

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