Quang Trung street

Quang Trung Street is one of the lifeblood road of Hanoi

Quang Trung Street is one of the lifeblood road of Hanoi which connects to a lot of interior-town roads like Trang Thi street, Ba Trieu street, Tran Nhan Tong street, Tran Hung Dao street… Tay Son movement was a famous red point in the ancient history of Vietnam as had born a lot of luminaries and heroes, such as World Literature Luminary Nguyen Trai, and Nguyen Trai was the chef of staff in this movement for Nguyen Hue to win the battle against Xiem enemy (now is Thailand), and mounted to the throne, took the name of Quang Trung to begin the period he ruled. Quang Trung Street is 2.5 km long. Located on the street is the Su That Public Press (or National State Public Press), one of the most old-established press in Vietnam, which has published a lot of writing, a channel of the Communist Party and the Government voice in the wartime as well as in peacetime. The street is intensively crowded not only by traffic floating but also by visitors to many famous restaurants on the street such as Hao Vong Restaurant at No 36 serving country specialities in the piano rhymth and weekend buffet. The buses available to this street are 09, 30.

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