Nguyen Du Street

Nguyen Du Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi

Nguyen Du Street is one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi. The street is 1.6 km long and located on the shores of dreaming Thien Quang Lake, connecting to Pho Hue Street and Nam Bo Street. It is famous not only for the name of National Great Poet, but also for unique features of Hanoi capital.

Along both sides of the street are ancient sweet milk trees. In fall, the fragrance of sweet milk flowers make upset as the heart of Hanoi. That’s why the street is called “Milk flower Street” and had come into poetry and painting.

A special culture of Nguyen Du Street is sidewalk cafes. Simple as its name, the cafes are just chairs inside and outside Lung Café and Milano Café, looking Thien Quang Lake.

Further down the road past Quang Trung Street is Mai Café - one of Hanoi’s most reputable local style coffeehouses. Simple as that but it’s a favorite place for coffee fans. Enjoying a cup of coffee, the sweet milk fragrance and the breeze blowing from the lake, dropping the soul in open space, guests will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Called sidewalk coffee, Nguyen Du Street is still full of coffee shops and restaurants. Just down the street from the Northern side of Thien Quang Lake and across from Mai Café is Wild Lotus Restaurant and Da Lien Restaurant as a lotus flower to the street. These are familiar addresses of many diners.

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