Nguyen Chi Thanh Street Map

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About Nguyen Chi Thanh Street

In the poll “The most beautiful street of Vietnam”, Nguyen Chi Thanh Street was voted as one of the most beautiful urban streets. The street was named after a great general, who had devoted so much to the national liberation struggle.

The street prolongs from Kim Ma Street (Daewoo hotel cross-road) to Lang Street, crossing La Thanh and connects with Tran Duy Hung Street.After being upgraded and extended, the street now is quiet spacious and clean. It was divided into two lanes by a wide road divider, where green grass, bonsai and flowers were planted. What a picturesque landscape it is!

Ngoc Khanh Lake is one of beautiful lakes in Hanoi. Its green and fresh space makes it an ideal place to relax for Hanoians. A few hundred of meters away from the lake is Bao Son hotel. The four-star hotel won the Spain prize for its quality in 2002. With many entertainment activities and national and international cuisines, the hotel attracts thousands of visitors, both domestic and foreign, every year. Lying on the city’s central route, the street is the location of government agencies, for example, Vietnam television, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

There are many prestigious universities on the street like: Hanoi Law University, National Academy of Public Administration, University of Military Culture and Arts.

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