Ngu Xa Street

Ngu Xa Street lies by Truc Bach Lake, in Thang Long’s west direction, Ba Dinh district

Ngu Xa Street lies by Truc Bach Lake, in Thang Long’s west direction, Ba Dinh district. It was Ngu Xa village famous for copper casting in the past, its Buddha statues appear in a number of great pagodas and communal houses in Vietnam. One of the most well – known statues is A Di Da statue in Than Quang pagoda located in the street. This statue has been considered the first copper statue in Vietnam. Another reputable statue is a black copper statue named Tran Vu in Quan Thanh temple in 1677, One Pillar Pagoda’s bell has been recorded as Ngu Xa craftsmen’s work. In the late 20th century, the village was influenced by urbanization process, the career got narrower. Instead of that, a great deal of special cuisine have appeared, especially rolled noodle soup. This dish is very strange, original and unique, from fried noodle, braised noodle to noodle rolling with braised beef, noodle with fried egg, etc, no where can we find it except for Hanoi. Walking along Tran Vu village around West Lake, we can easily find Ngu Xa Street flooding with rolled noodle. There are many outlets selling noodle, including luxury restaurants or just popular outlets on the street side. People can contemplate a corner of West Lake, feeling comfortably while enjoying the dish; nothing is more pleasant at that time. Thanks to this specialty, more and more visitors have come to Ngu Xa Street to try rolled noodle, an extremely special dish characterizing Hanoi’s taste.

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