Lang Street

No one knows when the name Lang existed

No one knows when the name Lang existed. It is said that long time ago, there was no dyke preventing tides from To Lich River so whenever the tide was up, and water spilled all over the banks. Consequently, the village on the bank was named Lang, which means spread/spill in Vietnamese. Lang Street lies on former Yen Lang or Lang village, which famous for its Lang basil (hung Lang).

Lang Street is one of the most special streets in Hanoi. There are some reasons for its specilality. Firstly, as one of the longest streets in Hanoi, the four-kilometer street connects crowded So crossroad and Cau Giay Gate.

Secondly, the street lies on the bank of To Lich River, and that why there are many small bridges cutting the street like: Giay bridge, Cot bridge, To Lich bridge, Hoa Muc bridge, Cong Moc bridge. The particular position of the street also explains why it only has even address numbers.

The street also keeps the row of secular trees, which make passengers feel comfortable when walking in the shade.

There are two big markets on the street named Lang Ha A and Lang Ha B which sell many goods from food to vegetables and clothes.

Besides the market, the street also has many stores selling mobile phones and building materials. One famous address is Tran Anh, a prestigious IT specialized retailer in Hanoi.

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