Lang Ha Street

No one knows when the name Lang existed

No one knows when the name Lang existed. It is said that long time ago, there was no dyke preventing tides from To Lich River so whenever the tide was up, and water spilled all over the banks. Consequently, the village on the bank was named Lang, which means spread/spill in Vietnamese.

Lang Ha Street is one of Lang village’s three areas (Lang Thuong, Lang Trung, and Lang Ha), stretching from crossroad of Giang Vo, La Thanh to Lang Street. A part of the street (from Fortuna hotel to the crossroad of Giang Vo, La Thanh) belongs to Ba Dinh district, the rest belongs to Dong Da district. Today, Lang Ha is an extremely crowded street, which is considered Wall Street of Hanoi because there are many banks, credit institutions, security companies and headquarters of economic groups on it. They are: Agribank, Techcombank, AAA insurance company, Petro Vietnam, FPT, etc.

Besides financial organizations, you can easily find entertainment venues on the street. Lying at the cross-road of Lang Ha and Thai Ha is the National Cinema Center (NCC), a familiar address for movie viewers in Hanoi. You can enjoy updated movies here with reasonable ticket fares, especially when the center has been equipped with 3-D technology. Next to NCC is Topcare supermarket, where you can go shopping for IT and electronic stuff. Confronting NCC and Topcare is Indra Gandhi Park, where you can enjoy fresh air whenever you feel tired. The former name Thanh Cong Lake Park was changed in 2004, on the occasion of 50th anniversary of Hanoi liberation.

At the middle of the street, near NCC is the embassy of the United States.

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