Lac Long Quan Street

Lac Long Quan Street is the stretch of road on the western side of the West Lake

Lac Long Quan Street is the stretch of road on the western side of the West Lake, from Nhat Tan T-junction to Buoi market. It is about 3.5 kilometers long. It is contiguous to Buoi Street on the southeast side, to Au Co Street and An Duong Vuong Street on the northeastern side. The ending section near Buoi market used to have the old name of Trich Sai Street. The street has been officially called Lac Long Quan since 1986.

From ending 2005, the expansion project of Lac Long Quan Street commenced. This was one of projects to celebrate the Capital’s 1000th birthday.

The main business line of people on this street is supplying iron and steel items, building materials, cooking utensil such as knife, scissors, cooker…

On Lac Long Quan Street, there are many famous restaurants especially hot pot restaurants: Fish hot pot at No. 655, Hot pot and grill at No. 688, Cuong Tau goat hot pot at No. 447… Besides, there is one very well-known Bun cha restaurant (Bun cha: white rice noodle with grilled meat pork) that is popular to not only Hanoians but also people from other provinces. This is Mrs. Bay restaurant at No. 32, alley 81, Lac Long Quan Street. In this restaurant, grilled meat pork is mixed with spices according to special recipe withdrawn from 14 year cooking experience, therefore it has extremely attractive aroma

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