Chua Lang Street Map

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About Chua Lang Street

From the old quarter, go along Nguyen Thai Hoc-Kim Ma Street; turn left into Lang Street, keep going about one kilometers then you reach Chua Lang (Lang Pagoda) Street. It is called that name because there is a pagoda named Lang-one of the most long-standing pagodas in Hanoi-on the street.

Built in the ruling period of the king Ly Than Tong (1128-1138), the pagoda worships the Buddhist priest Tu Dao Hanh, 12th master of Thien Tong religious sect, that why it is also named Chieu Thien Tu (Chieu Thien pagoda), which was carved in the gate.

The pagoda was repaired in 1994-1995 so it is very spacious now. It is considered a historical site with beautiful natural landscape and architecture. Visiting Lang pagoda, you will be surprised to see the peaceful picture of former Northern village with banyan tree at the gate. About ten years ago, Chua Lang area was still quiet and the street was only a small one.

However, the street has been enlarged recently, connecting Lang and Nguyen Chi Thanh streets. There are two famous universities, Foreign Trade University and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam lying on the street so it soon became crowded. Buildings, shops and inns were built and farmland of former Lang villagers got narrow, simultaneously. Walking along Lang Street now, visitors can hardly find plots of Hung Lang-a famous kind of basil like the previous days.

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