Chua Boc Street Map

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About Chua Boc Street

Following Thai Ha is Chua Boc (Boc Pagoda) Street, which was named after an ancient pagoda built in seventeenth century in Le Dynasty. A few meters away from Dong Da mound, the pagoda also has the name Sung Phuc. Being destroyed in the battle against Qing invaders in 1789 but the pagoda was rebuilt as a refuge for souls of dead soldiers in the battle.

The street is famous for its various fashion shops from clothes to shoes and accessories. The shops are considered as ideal shopping addresses because of their Vietnamese brands like Foci, Canifa, Nino Max, Made in Vietnam and reasonable prices.

However, as a busy trade area, the small street often becomes too crowded, especially in rush hour.

There is a quite famous cafe on the street named Lan Song Xanh for those who love live music.

Lying in the middle of the street is Banking Academy.

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