An Duong Vuong Street

An Duong Vuong Street is a beautiful and broad street which links from Thang Long Bridge to Hanoi center

An Duong Vuong Street is a beautiful and broad street which links from Thang Long Bridge to Hanoi center. It is about 3.5 kilometers. From the intersection of Lac Long Quan Street and Au Co Street, it runs along Red River dyke to the T-junction between Pham Van Dong Street and the street to

Previously, people often called this street Nhat Tan-Phu Xa Dyke. It was named An Duong Vuong in July, 2001.

An Duong Vuong Street goes through such villages as: Phu Xa, Phu Gia, Thuong Thuy, Nhat Tao, Dong Ngac. They are all ancient villages so there are many historical and revolutionary monuments:

Phu Xa village (originally Xu village), still preserves PhD Nguyen Kieu’s grave. This was also the first place Uncle Ho visited in 23rd or 24th August, 1945 when he came back from Viet Bac. He stayed at Mr. An’s house for one night and left for inner Hanoi the next day.

In Phu Gia village (originally Ga village), Mrs. Hai Ve’s house is also a memorable place. This was where Standing committee of the party central stationed in 1943-1944. It has been built up in to Commemorative house. Another historical place here is Ba Gia Pagoda (Old Lady Pagoda). It is a typical architectural achievement of Vietnam’s Buddhism and it is now more than 1000 years old.

In Thuong Thuy village (originally Bac village), there is a big Christian Church which was built in the early 20th century.

Nhat Tao village (originally Kieu or Cao village) still preserves the precious bell made by some Taoists and Confucians in 948.

Dong Ngac village (originally Ve village) has a long studious tradition. In ancient time, this village had tens of doctors and ministers… and in modern time, it is also the hometown of many leaders of Vietnamese Communist Party and government.

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